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Back to the Bronx

The Phillies’ bullpen, and perhaps Charlie Manuel’s slow trigger, made it far more dramatic than it should have been. But the Phillies extended the World Series with a 8-6 victory in Game 5 last night in the final game of the season at Citizens Bank Park. Cliff Lee wasn’t as good as he was in his first four playoff starts, but he was more than good enough. And the Phillies’ offense finally broke out, in spite of Ryan Howard tying the Major League record for strikeouts in a single postseason.

The series returns to New York for Game 6 on Wednesday and, if necessary, Game 7 on Thursday. I predicted Yankees in 6 before this series started and have no reason to think differently now. I don’t think Pedro Martinez will fool the Yankees again like he did for much of Game 2. And while Andy Pettitte will be on short rest, he and the Yankees offense should be good enough.


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