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Let the debate begin

What a wild, fun day of action we had yesterday on Championship Saturday in College Football. It left us with five undefeated teams and the debate that will take place almost every year unless the NCAA finds it financially worth its while to institute a Division I-A football postseason tournament – who should play for the BCS National Title.

No. 4 TCU got to sit and watch as four other teams finished the regular season undefeated. No. 5 Cincinnati came from 21 points down to beat No. 15 Pittsburgh on the road, 45-44, to win their second straight Big East title, scoring the winning TD with 33 seconds remaining. No. 6 Boise State demolished New Mexico State to finish 13-0. And No. 2 Texas, despite being stymied all night by Nebraska’s defense and making Eagles coach Andy Reid look like a clock management genius in the final minute, got a 46-yard field goal as time expired to escape  with a 13-12 victory in the Big 12 championship game.

The big game yesterday, of course, was the SEC Championship Game, where No. 2 Alabama ended Tim Tebow’s hopes of winning a third national title at Florida with a resounding 32-13 victory. Since I don’t care much about either team, my favorite part about this result was that it spared us having to sit through the inevitable four-hour Tim Tebow ass-kissing session that would have been ABC’s broadcast of the championship game on January 7.

Speaking of that game, Alabama is definitely in, and in light of its performance yesterday will likely be a pretty big favorite. Since all Texas needed to do last night was win, no matter how close or how ugly, it too should be in. But that leaves TCU, Cincinnati and Boise State having done everything they could do and were supposed to do yet still having no shot at the national title. Worse yet, it’s very likely that TCU and Boise State could be pitted against each other in the Fiesta Bowl. Imagine that – you work all year to get into the BCS and presumably have a crack at college football’s big boys, yet instead you get another Mid Major.

And just imagine the chaos and complaints today if Texas had lost last night. Would the BCS honchos have allowed TCU to play for the national title? Would they have jumped Cincinnati above TCU? Or would have Florida, despite getting blown out, still had enough to jump back to #2 and get a title game rematch with Alabama?


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