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So long Cleveland

LeBron James finally ended the ridiculous, shameful suspense Thursday night and announced that he is leaving the Cleveland for the Miami Heat, where he’ll join fellow All Stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Great night for the Miami Heat. Bad night for the Knicks, who spent the last two seasons clearing out players in anticipation of winning the LeBron sweepstakes. Downright horrible night for Cleveland, which now adds yet another chapter to its 46 years of sports heartbreak (and a lot of heartbreak having nothing to do with sports) since the Browns won the city’s last title in 1964.

But the biggest losers were the media, which shamefully gave LeBron what he wanted by going along for this ride. After allowing LeBron to get his own primetime special to announce his decision on his terms and sucking up to him all the way, ESPN can no longer claim to be a real news source (if they still could anyway). They turned the news into a reality TV show.

So now our long national nightmare is over. It’s about time.