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A pleasant evening on the Piazza

Sorry for the long absence. It’s been a busy first half of 2010 for Philly Phoughts. I started a new job at the beginning of February. I also completed another two semesters of grad school, along with a summer session course that ended Monday. I finally have some down time, so I’m back at this, hopefully for good this time.

Tonight, I’m writing from The Piazza in Northern Liberties. This neighborhood just northeast of Center City has been the site of a great deal of urban renewal the last few years that has turned it into one of the city’s rising star neighborhoods. Among the construction projects is The Piazza, a set of new apartment buildings next to the old Schmidt’s Brewery with a courtyard in between. This courtyard includes restaurants, shops, picnic tables, a concert stage and a large video screen.

In other words, it’s a great place to spend a gorgeous summer evening such as this one.

The rest of this neighborhood is laden with a number of nice restaurants and small shops. Revitalized neighborhoods such as Northern Liberties will only help Philadelphia become a more popular city to live in.


Bar Ferdinand

Northern Liberties is one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods in Philadelphia. There are certainly still some ugly spots, but it is quickly becoming trendier. And there are some good restaurants.

I visited one of them tonight – Bar Ferdinand. The name of the game there is Tapas – small, appetizer-sized spanish dishes. They also serve paella, but tapas are their specialty. Makes for a great happy hour spot or for dinner, if you’re willing to make one out of tapas. A very good meal and, compared to some of the other nice restaurants in Philly, a fair price.